TCF International

Established by Chris Murphy, The Car Finders International based in London, UK, celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2015.


Driven by a love of all things automotive and originally set up for sourcing and importing American cars into Europe, Chris Murphy and The Car Finders built on early successes and soon adapted to increasing customer demand.


The Car Finders International have been sourcing rare cars, supercars, classic cars and prestige cars ever since. www.thecarfinders.co.uk


The Car Finders


TCF South Africa

Owned and managed by local entrepreneur Tommy Roes, TCF South Africa is the authorised South African distributor for TCF International.


Tommy’s background in business development, personal finance and wealth creation further fuel his passion in rare, fast, loud and polished assets.


“We saw a gap in the market for reliable and quantifiable information related specifically to collectable cars as an assets class. In the process of positioning ourselves to service this gap, our business was led down a very niche path which evolved it into the alternative investment/asset management offering that it is today”.    

                                                                                                                             Tommy Roes 


TCF South Africa now focuses on providing actively managed, returns based alternative investment structures and services to investors and owners of collectable cars and car portfolios.



The TFC Brand 

We are proud to count some of the most successful and celebrated people from the international worlds of sport, commerce and the arts among our clientele, as well as members of multiple Royal families.

Over the years we have been privileged to have sold some extremely rare cars, including one of only 5 Bugatti Veyron Pur Sangs. Other marques have included Pagani, Koeningsegg, Ferrari, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Bentley and much more.


Today our specialist services extend beyond finding the vehicle (and spec) of choice, to assisting the purchaser through the difficulties and responsibilities that come with acquiring and owning a specialist car: Import/export, transport, insurance, servicing, wheels, storage, registration and taxation.


As a highly personal service, our customers also enjoy privileged invitations to join us at various events around the world to help you enjoy your ownership and meet fellow enthusiasts, from Formula 1 events to driving days and rallies. Car Finders International can deliver not only a sound investment but an automotive experience of a lifetime. Of course, every part of our service is 100% confidential – we pride ourselves on that.