Alternative Investment Structures



Chrome Strategies Management LLC are the principal investment management partner of TCF Capital.


Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Chrome Strategies Management offer specialised investment management services in the collector car market.

Comprised of a Private Equity Fund (US Accredited Investors only), Private Managed Portfolio services as well as Trust & Estate Wealth advice services.

Chrome Strategies Management set the standard for the active and discretionary management of returns based, collectible car portfolios.

For more information, go to www.chromestrategies.com


Private Equity Fund


In development.


The TCF Private Equity fund is being designed as an opportunity for South African and International investors to participate with limited liability, in an actively managed, returns based portfolio of collectible cars.


The TCF Private Equity fund will participate in a management structure operated by our principal partners at Chrome Strategies Management.


More to come . . .


Private Managed Portfolio (PMP)


TCF Capital offers participation in an actively managed, returns based portfolio of collectable cars for private investors.


The Private Managed Portfolio is operated and managed by our principle partners at Chrome Strategies Management, based in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.


A PMP can be set up through various legal and tax efficient structures for the benefit of the investor.


PMP Highlights,


  • Private, entity or fractionally owned

  • Active Portfolio Management

  • Active Risk Management

  • Target Returns based

  • Investor Participation Option

  • Investor holds asset title

  • Recommended term 4years + 1 for asset disposal

  • Optional liquidity

  • Negotiable fee structure

  • Open ended structure


Fractional Ownership Structures


Multiple owners or “investors” combine their resources and capital to form one entity with the sole intention of acquiring and sharing in the financial and ownership benefits of an appreciating collectable car or car portfolio.


Fractional ownership is a term most commonly used in the property market, however, the idea of fractional ownership in an “collectable” asset class is somewhat new.


In many cases, enthusiasts looking to participate in the market for rare and collectable cars would seek to combine their efforts with friends, family or
like-minded acquaintances. This allows each party to benefit from pooled resources and capital, meaning the potential for a higher calibre acquisition and shared or diversified investment risk.

These fractional ownership arrangements can be easily formed, however, the lack of professional guidance in the drafting of shareholders agreements can quickly lead to the need for conflict resolution. A well-intentioned financial arrangement can quickly turn into and expensive and painful experience.
The formation of such ownership structures is best left to the professionals.


TCF Capital offers statutory services for the formation of a fractional ownership structures in a collectable car or car portfolio, followed by an advisory service assuring the best possible acquisition of assets for the entity and ongoing investment management services where required.


Portfolio Syndication Structures


Partial dilution in ownership of an existing collectable car or car portfolio.


Owners of a collectable car or car portfolio may benefit enormously from selling equity positions resulting in immediate liquidity.

The owner maintains full control and possession of the assets (as far as required) and still participates partially in future financial and ownership benefits of the asset.


This is a viable option for any owners looking for capital to fulfil an immediate financial requirement; these might include the expansion of the existing portfolio, funding an alternative investment opportunity, reducing financial exposure, estate planning or just simply because you need the cash.

There are no shortage of investors looking to take up an equity position in an existing, well established and diversified portfolio of collectable cars.


TCF Capital offer fiduciary services to structure such situation, including the drafting of shareholders agreements, the formation of the required legal entity’s and other fiduciary matters.

This service then extends to the appraisal and valuation of the assets for fair marketable value as well as ongoing portfolio value tracking and other management services where required.  


Sole/Entity Ownership Services


Sole or legal entity ownership services in the acquisition of a collectable car or car portfolio.


Private individuals, in their individual capacity or through a separate legal entity, may be looking to participate in the market for rare and collectable cars, however, do not have either the time or expertise to perform the necessary due diligence required in the acquisition of a collectible car or car portfolio, nor source their ideal collectable car in either the local or international market.


TCF Capital offers such a services, including the potential for an actively managed PMP structure (see Privately Managed Portfolio), or by directly sourcing the best possible acquisition through its local or international network of off-market cars and portfolio’s.

This service extends to pre-purchase inspections, providing marque specialist advice, appraisals and valuations.