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VCCM - Value in the Classic Car Market - Inaugural South African Conference 2017        


VCCM South Africa


The HAGI Value in the Classic Car Market (VCCM) conference South Africa is an independent platform addressing everything collectors, investors and enthusiasts need to know about investing in rare, historic and classic cars, in a South African context.


The South African classic car market is in itself very complex, dealing with supply and demand constraints and prices unrelated to international values.


The HAGI VCCM SA aims to bring meaning and insight to this market in a local context for participants.


An incredible speaker line-up of local and international industry experts providing content shared in a beautiful setting for the first time on the African stage.


The inaugural HAGI VCCM SA will take place on August 4th, 2017, at the Gary Player Country Club, Sun City, and will form part of South Africa’s premier Concours d’Elegance, attracting the country’s most significant classic car owners, collectors, investors and enthusiasts.


For more information, go to www.vccm.co.za or www.concourssa.co.za




TCF Classic offers an appraisal service for extremely rare and unique collectable cars or car portfolio’s which is very difficult to accurately appraise under normal circumstances.


This service would apply to a need for an accurate replacement value assessment, based on international data, expressed in South African terms and can be extended to a form the basis for an ongoing asset performance tracking service.


To perform this service, TCF employ the services of international expert appraisers with special expertise in the rare car sector, as well as internationally recognised marque specialists and independent research companies.




The TCF Classic valuation service is an extension of the appraisal service above, applying specifically to extremely rare and unique collectable cars and car portfolios.


Once an appraisal has been completed by our panel of international experts and marque specialists, valuations can be drawn regularly assuming the condition of the collectable car or car portfolio remains unchanged.


This valuation service can be extended to a form the basis for an ongoing asset performance tracking service.


Asset Performance Tracking


The TCF Classic asset performance tracking service can be performed on any collectable car or car portfolio once a fair market-related value has been established. This applies to pre-war veteran, historical, classic and collectable cars right through to modern supercars and hypercars.


This tracking service will be based on data collected from American and European public trading data, historical data and auction results.


This asset performance reporting service can be reported on a Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual basis in accordance with the requirements of the investor.


Trust & Estate Planning


TCF Classic offers an advisory service related to the ongoing legacy protection of a collectable car or car portfolio either specifically intended for, or possibly forming part of a founder plan to create generational preservation of wealth.


On the demise of the family patriarch, an assessor is typically brought in by the executor to value the assets in the estate.

With regards to a collectable car or car portfolio, the estate beneficiaries rarely have the desire or inclination to hold onto the asset and would very rarely appreciate the full value thereof.


Unscrupulous executors would advise the “valuate and liquidate” approach,

The market conditions might not be right to sell the assets at that particular point in time, leaving the beneficiaries short on not only fair market value but also the potential future value of this appreciating asset class.


TCF Classic offers a Trust and Estate Planning service on the protection of a collector car or car portfolio legacy.